The Orleans Parish Board of Review (BOR) has considered the appeal of your property tax assessment and has made the following determinations.

If this property has qualified for a Special Assessment Level (SAL) based upon a combination of the age, disabled status, and/or income of the property owner, you may notice an apparent discrepancy in the Total Assessment of your property, which is normally 10% for both land and improvements for residential property. In accordance with SAL guidelines, while the appraised value of the Land and/or Improvements on the property may fluctuate with the market, the Total Assessment remains “frozen”. For more information on this subject, please visit
You may appeal the Board of Review’s determination to the Louisiana Tax Commission. In accordance with procedures established by law. La. Constitutional Article VII, Section 18(E). B.1, an appeal to the commission shall be filed with the commission within thirty (30) calendar days of the earlier of: (1) the Board of Review’s written decision is properly sent to the taxpayer and assessor, or (2) actual delivery of the Board of Review’s determination, whether electronic or otherwise. In order to institute a proceeding before the commission, the taxpayer, assessor, or bona fide representative of a tax recipient body AP – 14 (2022) shall file Form 3102/3103.A and, if applicable, Form 3102/3103.B.
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• For appeals assistance call the Louisiana Tax Commission at 225-219-0339 x 217