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Additional questions may be answered at the Louisiana Tax Commission’s website: Orleans Parish property owners who filed an appeal to their Tax Year 2019 property tax assessments with the Orleans Parish Assessor's Office on or before August 21, 2018 will be notified by mail beginning this week. The letters will come from the New Orleans City Council, acting in its capacity as the Orleans Parish Board of Review. The 2018 Property Tax Assessment Appeal Hearings will be held in the Lac Maurepas Meeting Room, Student Life Center 2nd floor, 916 Navarre Ave., Delgado Community College, beginning on or before September 15, 2018. The letters will include the hearing date and time, and offer contact information for those seeking additional information about the tax assessment appeal process. Appellants may also view the 2018 Property Tax Assessment Appeal Hearing Schedule at This schedule will be available on the website as soon as all appeals information is compiled, between September 4th and 8th. Property owners are advised that the most expedient and effective method to handle a disputed real estate property tax assessment is to negotiate a mutually acceptable resolution with Assessor Erroll G. Williams. Should that not be possible, state law provides for a hearing process by which owners can appeal their property tax assessments. To comply with state law, the appeal process must end by October 20, 2018. Following the advertisement of a Request for Proposals, the City Council selected the firm Hammerman & Gainer, LLC to provide recommendations to the Board of Review and to assist in the processing of Orleans Parish property tax assessment appeals through the hearing process. For the 2018 Property Tax Assessment Appeal Hearing Schedule, click here. Additional information about the Property Tax Assessment Appeal Process can be found at, by calling 1-888-229-7314, or by emailing